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New IP transit sponsor: WOBCOM GmbH

Christian SeitzChristian Seitz

We are pleased to announced that WOBCOM GmbH has connected to Community-IX at NTT Berlin as a new sponsor with 2x 10G. WOBCOM is currently not connected to our route servers because of ressource limitations on our side. You can find the peering contact in PeeringDB if you are interested in setting up a peering. Please only request a peering from WOBCOM if you are connected to Community-IX in Berlin.

WOBCOM GmbH is a subsidiary of the Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG group of companies. With around 100 employees, WOBCOM has been providing Wolfsburg and the region with services related to telecommunications, connectivity and networking since 1996. See PeeringDB and their website for more details.

Type:IP transit sponsor
Route servers:no

Thank you in behalf of all connected communities!