Peers can obtain IP-Transit from Community-IX connected sponsors if the following requirements are met. The fulfillment of these must be clearly stated in the project description, website, or statute.

  • Non-profit project or community
  • Promotion of public interests of the Internet community
  • No political or religious commitment of any kind

Private persons with their own ASN are excluded from participation in the Community-IX. Please contact one of our peers directly in order to get a sponsoring.

Technical requirements:

  • Own Autonomous System (ASN)
  • Own IP address range (e.g. from RIPE NCC)
  • Router at a Community-IX connected location
  • Cross connect to one of our switches (no peering via tunnel)

Understandably, there is no right to be connected to Community-IX. We also reserve the right to exclude individual peers in case of violation or non-fulfillment of the mentioned requirements.

List of all peers

The connected peers are sorted by AS number:

  • AS112, AS112 project
  • AS250,
  • AS3624, Freifunk Bremen
  • AS13020, Chaos Computer Club Event Network
  • AS29670, IN-Berlin e.V.
  • AS44194, Förderverein Freie Netzwerke e.V.
  • AS48777, DARC e.V.
  • AS49009, Freifunk Hamburg
  • AS50472, Chaos Computer Club e.V.
  • AS60729, Digitalcourage e.V.
  • AS60729, Zwiebelfreunde e.V. / Artikel 10 e.V. / / CIA TRIAD SECURITY LLC * Tor Network Operations (non-commercial)
  • AS64475, Freifunk Frankfurt am Main e.V.
  • AS201701, Freifunk Rheinland e.V.
  • AS204911, Digitale Partizipation e.V.
  • AS206313, Freifunk Nordwest
  • AS206356, Freifunk Essen e.V.
  • AS206813, Freifunk Gütersloh
  • AS208727, Freifunk Kitzingen e.V.
  • AS209347, Freifunk Hannover
  • AS209894, Förderverein Freie Infrastruktur e.V.
  • AS211286,
  • AS212989, Freifunk Regensburg e.V.
  • AS213106, Freifunk Lippe e.V.