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Data centers

Community-IX currently operates infrastructure at the following locations:

  • A36: Alboinkontor (Speedbone), Berlin: 1G/10G
  • L105: Lützowstr. (I/P/B/), Berlin: 1G/10G
  • N15: Nonnendammallee (NTT GDC), Berlin: 1G/10G
  • W19: Weismüllerstr. 19 (DE-CIX/Interxion), Frankfurt: 1G/10G
  • W23: Wilhelm-Fay-Str. 23 (MK Netzdienste), Frankfurt 1G/10G

Please contact us if you need cross connects to us in these data centers. In addition to peering, we can switch dedicated VLANs between individual communities, even across locations.


The following policies serve to ensure the security of the peering platform and must be observed at all times. Violations can result in port shutdown and exclusion from the peering LAN.

  • Only Ethertypes IPv4, IPv6 and ARP allowed.
  • MAC addresses are filtered per port.
  • Proxy ARP must be disabled.
  • The peering LAN prefix must not be announced via BGP.

Route Servers

Our route servers based on Bird are available redundantly. We recommend that all communities and sponsors set up BGP sessions to both route servers, as some IP-Transit sponsors only peer with the route servers and do not set up dedicated BGP sessions to individual communities. This also means the least effort for both sides.

  • ASN: 57555
  • Route Server 1: / 2001:7f8:a5::5:7555:1
  • Route Server 2: / 2001:7f8:a5::5:7555:2
  • BGP sessions are passive. The route servers do not establish a BGP session.
  • Prefixes of the peers are filtered based on the AS sets.
  • AS set: AS57555:AS-MEMBERS

Route Server Policy / BGP-Communities

Both RFC1997 Communities and Large BGP-Communities are supported. If one of the blackhole communities is added, the route will only be announced to peers where blackholing is also active. Regions that can currently be set are BER (100) and FRA (200).

BGP-Communities for Traffic-Engineering

RFC1997 Community Large BGP Community Meaning
0:X 57555:0:X don’t announce to AS X
57555:X 57555:1:X announce to AS X
0:57555 57555:0:0 don’t announce to any AS
57555:920:X don’t announce to region X
57555:921:X announce to region X
57555:920:0 don’t announce to any region
57555:999:X blackhole in AS X
57555:999:0 blackhole in each AS
57555:910:X announce to AS X with RFC3765 NOPEER attached

Informational BGP-Communities (not settable from peer)

Large BGP Community Route Origin
57555:1901:100 DE - BER
57555:1901:101 DE - A36
57555:1901:102 DE - L105
57555:1901:104 DE - N15
57555:1901:200 DE - FRA
57555:1901:201 DE - W19
57555:1901:202 DE - W23